Facebook glitch launched public on every post, leaving people enraged

Facebook glitch launched public on every post, leaving people enraged

It seems like Facebook problems are not going anytime soon. While they are still recovering from earlier problems with BlackBerry and their own personal issues with Data Privacy & Leaks , now they got themselves in another fiasco with Hate speech. 


According to one of the spokesperson from Facebook :

“Facebook were having internal test to understand “different types of speech, including speech we thought would not be hate.” A bug was being the reason for Hate speech button live on its platform.

Hate Speech Button on the post
Hate Speech Button on the post


It was surely a Glitch, but for most users, it was like an act of censor from Facebook. Watch how people reacted to hate speech.




Users were obviously getting angry on getting this hate speech on each of their Facebook posts , they took the matter to Twitter. Have a look :-







The glitch was resolved in time under 20 mins, confirmed by Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president of product, on Twitter and the question disappeared on user’s News Feed. Facebook didn’t immediately respond to request for more information. But we believe Mark Zuckerberg will answer about this in F8 Conference held by Facebook.

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