Android : New Ransomware found which can lock your Smartphone , Permanently

Android : New Ransomware found which can lock your Smartphone , Permanently

A new Ransomware which is being called DoubleLocker is attacking Android as its target. We know Android is pretty weak on its security measures but this is something else!!


How it gets into the System?

Here’s your answer – It is spread as a fake Adobe Flash update via compromised websites.
This Ransomware encrypts victims’ data and changes their PIN or PASSWORD, making it almost impossible to get their files back without paying a ransom.

You must be asking, how it works?

Well , we got you covered on this.

DoubleLocker gets installed without knowing, when a user is tricked to install a malicious Flash Player app on his device. The app asks for access to the Accessibility service.

DoubleLocker actually uses (rather misuses) Android’s Accessibility service and reactivates itself every time the user presses the phone’s Home button. So, whenever the user will be on Home Screen , they will be getting a prompt ransom note each time :/

FYI, DoubleLocker is the first Android Ransomware to abuse Android’s Accessibility service to gain admin rights.1

Interesting thing is a countdown of 24 hours is given by attackers to pay the ransom. Or else , they will erase everything on the device.

DoubleLocker encrypts all data stored in the device using the AES encryption algorithm, which means that, theoretically, there is no way to decrypt the files without receiving the decryption key from the attackers.

In return for unlocking the device, the attackers demand a ransom of 0.0130 Bitcoins – around $77 right now , because of the high valuation of the Cryptocurrency.


So , How to Get rid of this ?

I would just suggest you to not click on pop-ups that ask you to install plugins or additional software. Always have a good look on what permissions an App is asking you.

Never ever give device administrator permission to an application even if downloading from the official store unless you are absolutely sure that you want to give the app owners complete remote access to your device. And last , Always keep a Backup of your device stored on cloud or other HDDs.

Don’t forget to keep your Device Safe from Malicious Hands , and let me know if I can Help you !!


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