Now You Can Send 4K Resolution Pics In Messenger

Now You Can Send 4K Resolution Pics In Messenger

That’s right. You read the above part well. With technology revolutionizing everyday, it’s necessary to keep Messaging Apps to be Updated and Facebook knows their part very well. So, now Facebook is giving Messenger Users ability to send and receive High-Res photos in 4K.


Messenger users get the ability to share and receive 4K images! The feature’s not global though. #messenger 4k #New_Update

— Gadget Geeks (@Gadget_geeks_01) November 26, 2017


In case some people are wondering, what is 4K that’s up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels per image which makes all your images “richer and sharper.

The interesting part is , 4K photos are sent at the same speed in Facebook Messenger. It won’t eat your time despite the resolution. If you never saw any 4K Pic, then you might be thinking what’s the difference between normal pic and 4K one.

Don’t worry. See the Drastic change yourself below :




4k pic



To send images from your messenger app, just select the picture and send it to the person you want to – So Simple!!!

The real catch is it’s not implemented worldwide, which means to use this feature, you need to wait for a while. US, Canada, France, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea are the first ones to get the feature in their iPhone and Androids. If you reside outside, just make sure to keep Messenger App updated.

Stay tuned for our new upcoming blog on PayPal’s new chat extension for Messenger!!


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