Now you too can buy Tesla product, but no, it’s not a car!

Now you too can buy Tesla product, but no, it’s not a car!

So, finally there is a Tesla Product in the market which we can really afford (no puns intended)

Tesla designed a stylish Power Bank inspired after Supercharger monument at their Design Studio. The Pocket-sized Power bank is a very good addition in Tesla’s collection but all we need to check out is, is it worthy in the market at a Price Tag of $45?

Let’s dig into Tesla Power bank features :

  • Compact Design – Given the size , handy !
  • Integrated USB – The only thing I didn’t liked , they didn’t implemented for Type-C, yet they call themselves Futuristic. Phew!!


  • Integrated Apple lightning and detachable micro USB – Not Bad but watch the above line..
  • High efficiency circuitry to deliver maximum battery capacity – I think Tesla won’t compromise on this.
  • Charge status indicator – It is surely a good feature to add.

Let’s move forward to Technical Aspects of Tesla Power Bank , shall we?

Technical Specs:

  • Single 18650 cell with 3350mAh capacity – So, it can single-charge an Android with this capacity! Hmm….
  • Input: 1800±200mA
  • Output: 5V/1.5A max

Dimensions: 108 x 30.5 x 23.3mm


Well , Moral of the story is, you can definitely find better Power Banks than this one at $45.

But if you aren’t interested in this one, you can check Desktop Supercharger for the same price!!!


This product looks like mini charging station. The drawback is ,it only charges your phone, not your car. Tesla says it used the same 3D CAD data used to make the actual Supercharger to make the miniaturized replica.

So, if you are a Tesla Fan , you might want to buy these Products. Official links are below :

Click to buy Tesla PowerBank

Click to buy Tesla Desktop SuperCharger

Meanwhile , I’ll try to give you review on my own OnePlus Power Bank.


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