Trending Gadgets in 2017 at Google Trends

Trending Gadgets in 2017 at Google Trends

2017 was a great year for Technology Geeks ! We saw many technological revolution in terms of Specifications and devices like ZTE Axon M2 new iPhones and not to forget, Android RansomwaresThere were so many Smartphones and other gadgets it was impossible to find out which were the best. But Google Trends don’t lie.
Lets’s check out Trending Gadgets in 2017 which topped in Google Trends!!


1. iPhone 8



iPhone 8 is Most Trending Searched Term in Technology section @ Google Trends. No Doubt it’s the most trending Gadgets in 2017!

Apparently Hong Kong showed more interest in the keyword than Other Countries (low search volume regions), if excluded, Maldives takes the cake!

iPhone 8 keyword topped the chart during September Week of 2017 but now having Low Interest on search!

Most Searched Query – portrait mode on iphone 8

2. iPhone X


iPhone X


Hong Kong seems a Country of Tech Geeks as they again topped in iPhone X Keyword thrashing other keywords.

iPhone X was compared to iPhone 8 in different kind of keywords.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 keywords both were on top in September week, with only one difference. iPhone X is still hot !

Most Searched Queries : iphone x face id & screen shot iphone x were searched to get the desired result. Face ID was newbie thing under X, so it caught the attention.

3. Nintendo Switch


Puerto Rico tops the search country  followed by USA for this product.

Most Searched Query :  Mario odyssey !

Good thing, Nintendo Switch still is going good on search chart!


4. Samsung Galaxy S8


Currently, XBox One X is in fourth place under Trending Gadgets in 2017.

Surprisingly, Bangladesh tops chart in highest search (country wise) followed by Germany, Nepal, Ghana, Uzbekistan.
Most Searched Queries : Samsung galaxy S8 Orchid Grey was most searched with other searches like cases, hard reset and screen repair (it’s important to know the price, right)

4. XBox One X


United Kingdom seems avid fan of XBox One X , with United States, Canada, Germany, Australia following.

It was a hot search earlier, but now the keyword search decreased now-a-days.

Most Searched Queries : xbox one x enhanced games , fifa 18 and xbox one x project scorpio edition.

So, these were Best Trending Gadgets in 2017. Do you use any of them? What features you liked in that gadget.

Share your views in Comment Section and if you do have any other queries, feel free to ask us!!


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