Everything you need to know about VPN

Everything you need to know about VPN

You must have come with the term VPN while surfing the internet many times! Internet is fun, educational, and everything one can imagine of. Want to watch Soccer Match, there you go. Want to complete your project on time, you can always check out related articles on Wikipedia. The truth is, we all are addicted with the Fascinating world of Internet! 

But Internet is not a place where you can really do anything without being anonymous or feeling completely safe. Internet make you completely vulnerable when you surf online. All your private data, messages can be decrypted and leave you crippled at the same time. Moreover, you can be tracked too. If you ask reason who can do that, well, the answer is Hackers and your own Government too!

We totally understand you are thinking – what sort of data or information I am having which can be useful to anyone!

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But that’s where you are wrong. Individual Data should be private, no matter what it includes.

That’s where this blog comes in.  But first of all, you need to understand – What is VPN?  Why do you need it?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is used to create a private, secure network over a public network. Once you connect through a VPN, whatever websites you visit, becomes encrypted and your IP (Internet Protocol) address gets replaced with the address of the VPN server. In this way, you manage to get invisible from your original IP Address and cannot be detected. It basically grants you access to visit any website without being afraid of getting tracked.

Virtual Private Network (vpn)

You now know about what this is about. But half knowledge is very dangerous thing. Let’s talk about Pro and Cons of using a VPN:-


  • VPN is basically used to hide/encrypt your IP Address and Location from any hacker, or Government itself. It is very beneficial at India, regarding the bans Government did on selected websites. You can access torrent websites and other websites which are inaccessible from India. But be warned, we do not encourage you doing illegal activities using VPN.
  • If you are using unsecured network, just say, public WiFi at an Airport or anywhere else, just turn on your VPN and stay safe from any malicious snooping.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s about Skype conversations, online banking, and just Facebook chats, VPN is designed to keep you anonymous every time.
  • It is often seen, many third-party websites leave cookies to track your activities on internet. With VPN hiding your IP address and changing location, it’s pretty difficult to track you down or show some target advertisements. What else do you want?
  • The best VPNs use 256-bit Encryption which is one of the most secure encryption methods a, and is used in most modern encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies.


These are enough reasons to get excited to use a Virtual Private Network! But, wait, every coin has two sides.

Let’s check out what are disadvantage of using this:-

  • You might face some performance issues in your device while connecting to a private network connection. This issue mostly occurs when we use Free VPN. Also, you may notice slower speed than your normal connection. The reason is, it takes some time to connect to Private Servers around the world, which makes the surfing a bit slow.
  • We use VPN not to get tracked by Hackers, Government. But what if VPN Service Providers track you instead?
    Yes, it’s quite possible! Frequently seen in Free VPN Services, they let you gain access to their private servers in exchange of your data and log your IP Address. That’s harmful because if you do any illegal thing on a VPN, Government may track all your activities from VPN Service. So, invest in a good VPN if you don’t want to compromise with your data.
  • VPN can be costly. It’s very clear by now that VPN is an external network, so you have to pay for it along with your existing network connection. There are many free services you can get, but they are not reliable for long-term use.

If you need to use a Free VPN that is quite reliable, I would suggest Private Tunnel

Or, you want to invest some money to get secure VPN, the best options are ExpressVPN , NordVPN , and PrivateVPN.

I think you are now familiar with what VPN is and what way it should be used.

If you have any doubts, do tell us in the comments section.


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